Kodela Family Is A Gang Of Dacoits: Ambati Rambabu

Kodela Family And Ambati Rambabu - Sakshi Post

Amaravati: Senior YSR Congress Party leader and Sattenapalli MLA, Ambati Rambabu described former AP assembly speaker, Kodela Sivaprasada Rao, his son and daughter as a family of dacoits. Addressing the media at the party headquarters here on Friday, Rambabu said that Kodela was a big thief, while his son and daughter were implicated in police cases and were on the run. Kodela's complaint with regard to a burglary in his house was an attempt to cover-up his loot, Ambati said. The Sattenapalli legislator observed that if Kodela came forward and admitted that he had committed many wrongdoings as speaker, people might forgive him.

Ambati Rambabu described Kodela Sivaprasada Rao as a thief who had been caught, adding that Chandrababu was one who has not been apprehended as yet. The Sattenapalli legislator lambasted the former speaker for trying to blame him (Rambabu) for a staged burglary in his own house. Rambabu stated that 30 computers had been acquired by the government for the Skill Development Centre in Sattenapalli, all of which were carted away by the former speaker. Ambati pointed out that he wrote to the MD of the Skill Development Corporation seeking a probe into this matter. When the MD came there two days ago, the computers had gone missing, he revealed. In an oblique reference to Kodela, Rambabu said when the 'dacoits' came to know about the visit of the MD of Skill Development Corporation, 29 computers 'appeared' out of nowhere.

Kodela wants the case to be closed now because the computers have 'surfaced', Ambati said. To cover up this scam, the former speaker staged a burglary episode, he added. On a similar note, when assembly staff visited the Hero Honda showroom owned by Kodela's son, they found furniture belonging to the state assembly there, Ambati revealed. The YSRCP MLA from Sattenapalli remarked that Kodela is mistaken if he thinks that these cases would be closed just because he returns the furniture. The guilty would face punishment, Ambati added.

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