Rise In Children Admission To Government Schools, Thanks To Amma Vodi Scheme

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Hyderabad: The Amma Vodi scheme, seen as a revolutionary step towards education has been a hit already in Chittoor district of the state as several parents can be seen lining up for admissions in government schools.

The Amma Vodi scheme promises Rs 15,000 financial aid to the families for sending their students to government school.

According to district education officials in a leading daily, there are 20,000 new admissions in 4,783 government schools across 14 assembly constituencies this year. About 8,000 new admissions have been reported in municipal schools.

In fact, some schools reportedly have put up 'No-admissions' board' on their school premises. Municipal high school at Madanapalle of Chittoor district is one such school, this despite the rule that government schools cannot deny admissions.

There is also a surge in the demand for textbooks and uniforms as well.

"We are witnessing a spurt in admissions like never before in government schools now. Out of the total 20,000 new admissions, almost 75% of students have joined the class I," an official was quoted saying by the leading daily.

But with the rise in the number of students, it is worrying that there is stuff crunch to meet the need of the rising number. Additionally, many teachers are also awaiting promotions to secondary school.

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