Fresh Cases Of Cheating By Kodela Family Come To Light  

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Amaravati: Fresh instances of gross abuse of power by former Andhra Pradesh speaker Kodela Siva Prasada Rao‘s daughter Vijayalakshmi and son Sivaram, have come to light. The siblings claimed to manufacture and supply material in the name of firms they set up to grab government orders under the TDP regime. The entire process existed only on paper, reports say. For instance, they procured licenses forging documents claiming that they had set up a company to manufacture cotton and bandage for use in hospitals. Later, they purchased inferior quality cotton and bandage from Tamil Nadu, supplied it to the government and claimed huge amounts from the state treasury. In the bargain, small-scale manufacturers of cotton and bandage in the state, were put to loss and denied orders. Kodela Siva Prasada Rao’s children procured orders from Andhra Pradesh Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation, APMSIDC.

SAFE Management Gets Notices

Officials from the Controller of Drugs conducted raids on Kodela family-owned company, SAFE. They concluded that there was a building in the name of the company without any equipment or machinery and submitted a report to the Andhra Pradesh government accordingly. The modus operandi of the company run by the Kodela family was revealed— they procured inferior quality cotton and bandage from Tamil Nadu, and supplied it for huge profits to the Andhra Pradesh government under the label of their company, SAFE. The Kodela family claimed to have such a company and took a drugs license from the government. Officials of the time will now have to explain as to how a fictitious company could have been given a licence.

Fodder Scam

It is learnt that the Kodela family indulged in huge scams with respect to the Animal Husbandry department, as well. They procured an order from the department for the supply of fodder, but took crores of rupees without providing any fodder. They colluded with officials of the level of director and looted the state treasury in the name of supplying fodder. They provided the number of a lorry from Palnadu area in Guntur district, claiming that fodder was supplied in it. It turned out that the number belonged to a two wheeler, as established by RTA officials.

Similarly, they provided the names of farmers along with numbers of their Aadhaar cards claiming that their company supplied fodder to them. None of them received any fodder.

With each passing day, more such instances of extortion, threats, blackmail and cheating indulged in by the Kodela family, are coming to light, as per media reports.

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