Navaratnalu Manifesto Should Be Like Geeta, Bible and Koran, YS Jagan To Collectors

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Undavalli: Speaking at the first Collectors’ Conference held in Praja Vedika at Undavalli on Monday, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy reminded Collectors that ," We are not rulers, but public servants". He said that this was one thing “we should remember and remind ourselves every day, while we work towards fulfilling peoples' expectations.”

YS Jagan added that every Minister, Collector and Government official should keep a copy of the Navaratnalu Manifesto with them and in every government office as a reminder of their duty. Speaking further, YS Jagan said that the Manifesto should be revered like the holy books, Bhagavad Geeta, Bible, Koran.

Highlights from YS Jagan's speech at the Collectors Conference:

- Welcome people with a smile: People have voted for us by reposing trust in us,in the belief that we will implement the Manifesto in its entirety. They have given you the power through me because they believed in us.

- Though I give the instructions, it is you (Collectors) who have to implement it. We have to work together, only then can we fulfill people's aspirations. I need your support in this endeavour.

- We have to implement every aspect in the Manifesto to enable people to ask us for votes in the next elections and this responsibility lies in our hands.

- MLAs have a key role to play in democracy because they have been voted by the people. We have to take their opinion before making or taking any decision. Greet them and the people with a smile when they come to you.

- This government will not tolerate any kind of corruption or irregularities. Stringent action will be taken against any one irrespective of their designation or rank.

MLAs and officials are like the two eyes of democracy and should work in tandem.

- Prime importance should be given to farmers, SCs STs, BCs and Minorities. We have to ensure that they get their due place in society and every welfare scheme in the Navaratnalu meant for them, should reach them.

-Welfare schemes should be implemented and reach everyone irrespective of party, caste, creed, status, region and beyond the boundaries of politics.

Even if the party MLAs say anything negative, don't listen to them and carry on the good work. Politics cease with elections, after which every person is equal to us and they are all beneficiaries. There is no room for discrimination of any kind.

-Village secretariats will be created and we are soon going to appoint Village Volunteers as part of this.

- A village secretariat will be created for a village with more than 2000 residents. For every 50 houses, a Village Volunteer will be appointed to ensure that the benefits reach every doorstep.

- No Volunteer should indulge in any kind of corruption and we are paying a sum of Rs 5000 as honorarium, so that they don't fall prey to any kind of venality.

-Even if they do, you can call the CM's office directly and register a complaint. We will take action against them and remove them from service if they are proved wrong.

- The entire government machinery should work diligently and be free from corruption right from the lowest to the highest official.

- There should be complete transparency in the way we work and change should start from the ground level.

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- We have work in such a manner that everyone should look up to us. We have to set an example for other states to emulate us and they should function by looking at our style of governance.

- Don't let citizens run around your offices if they are in need of help. Do not encourage corruption of any kind to get their work done. People will vote for us based on the way we work.

- Don't let people involved in sand mafia, illegal betting clubs or any kind of atrocities get away scot-free. These activities are not to be encouraged.

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- In the previous government people had to bribe officials to get birth, death certificates and ration cards. Even to get a life insurance or permission to build a bathroom, people had to shell out money.

- Our government should not bring people to this level of suffering; we have to ensure that their work is done free from bribery.

- The previous government had encouraged contractors who came to be synonymous with corruption.

-This is the reason why we had brought in the concept of reverse tendering. We will change the pre-qualification process and ensure that other companies can participate in the tender process freely and fairly.

He also cracked the whip on illegal constructions and buildings. In a unexpected move he said that this (Praja Vedika) the venue of the Conference, would be the first illegal structure to be demolished on Wednesday, after the Collectors’ meet gets over on Tuesday.

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- YS Jagan also emphasised the need to deliver quality healthcare in government hospitals. We should never have to see children being bitten by rats and surgeries being performed under torch lights, he added.

-Pointing out that the TDP government had not settled the Arogyasri dues of 9 months, he asked the officials to clear the accumulated arrears of Rs. 450 crores at the earliest.

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