Polavaram Project Authority Team Frowns At TDP Regime’s Work

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Amaravati: Polavaram Project Authority (PPA) has expressed its displeasure at the tardy pace and the manner in which the project works have been proceeding. The authorities frowned at work not getting completed as per the TDP government’s assurance of six months. The PPA was also dissatisfied with the fact that the coffer dam had not been raised to the safe level of 35 metres as was stipulated. It directed that work on the coffer dam be stopped immediately till the process of resettlement of people displaced by the project was duly initiated. Work on Reach-1 of the Left Bank of Godavari embankment and Reach-3 of the Right Bank had not commenced.

The PPA authorities instructed officials not to take up this work and that water should be diverted to low-lying areas from empty tracts. Further, PPA officials said that only after submission of utilisation certificates and audited statements would the balance amounts due to the state on the project be released.

A team of PPA officials headed by its CEO RK Jain visited the site and conducted a detailed inspection on Tuesday. It also visited East Godavari and West Godavari districts where work on resettlement colonies was going on. The PPA team had a meeting with the secretary of water resources Shashi Bhushan Kumar and other officials of the state government.

PPA officials are also reported to have been unhappy with the work done on Polavaram project headworks. Though the TDP government had stated that by the end of May the coffer dam height would be raised to 42.5 m, work had not proceeded on it. It further said that once levels of the Godavari rise by June 15, work on the coffer dam would be swept away by the force of river waters. The PPA officials made an assessment that in the previous year, flood levels in the Godavari rose to 28 lakh cu secs and that they would be higher this year.

PPA officials expressed their displeasure at work not having proceeded properly on resettlement of displaced families. The team also pointed out that while it had sought audited statements on work which had been completed with respect to the project till April 1, 2014 and from that date onwards till now, the TDP government had not furnished the required details.

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