Nara Lokesh Denies Blaming Party Cadre For TDP Debacle

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Amaravati: The Telugu Desam Party in the recently concluded assembly and Lok Sabha elections has surely come as a shock for the TDP cadre. In this background, media reports that the TDP general secretary and Chandrababu Naidu's son Nara Lokesh expressed his deep displeasure over the party leaders and activists were denied by him. An earlier report stated that extremely upset with the election results, he claimed that the party leaders deceived Chandrababu further stating that while the Electronic Voting Machines contributed to 10 percent of the deception, the remaining 90 percent came from the party leaders. However, Nara Lokesh is reported to have clarified that this statement was made by a TDP woman leader and wrongly attributed to him.

Pointing out that when Galla Jayadev can emerge victoriously, Nara Lokesh questioned as to why the other party leaders lost. Participating in a meeting on Tuesday with the party leaders, he questioned the cadre as to why the party faced defeat in the Assembly seats when Jayadev, who contested as Guntur MP and won.

Along with senior leaders, Ministers also faced defeat in the AP elections. TDP, which contested in all the 175 seats, won just 23 seats. Nara Lokesh lost in the Mangalgiri constituency further causing a huge blow to the party cadre. YSRCP leader Alla Ramakrishna Reddy bagged the Mangalagiri seat with Lokesh falling short of his opponent by 5,337 votes in the constituency.

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