TDP Chandragiri Candidate Booked For Physical Assault       

Pulivarthi Nani - Sakshi Post

Tirupathi: Police filed a case against TDP Chandragiri MLA candidate Pulivarthi Nani on Sunday after he allegedly attacked YSRCP candidate Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy’s brother-in-law Keshavulu Reddy in Pulivarthipalli village of Pakala mandal in Chittoor district.

Repolling is underway in seven polling stations in Chandragiri on Sunday as TDP workers had earlier barred voters from exercising their franchise on April 23 when entire State went to polls.

TDP candidate Nani and his supporters have been creating ruckus in the constituency from the start of election campaign. When Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy tried to enter Pulivarthipalli village during the campaign, Nani had attacked him and prevented his entry into the village. Dalits who had stood by the side of Reddy were also attacked. TDP had issued open threats to Dalits in the village against casting their vote to YSRCP. They were locked up in their houses and were barred from exercising their franchise on the polling day resulting in commotion and warranting repoll in seven affected polling stations.

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