Allegations Abound Of TDP Gobbling Up Rs 6,000 Crore in Polavaram

Laxmana Reddy speaking to Media persons - Sakshi Post

Polavaram: The incompetence and corruption of the TDP government in Polavaram Project has been exposed once again. Representatives of the Jana Chaitanya Vedika who visited the project site on Wednesday to assess the work that was completed so far, alleged that a whopping Rs 6,000 crore was gobbled up by the TDP government.

Speaking to press persons here on Wednesday from the project site, Jana Chaitanya Vedika State President Lakshamana Reddy alleged that out of Rs 12,000 crore spent in the past five years, Rs 6,000 crore was plundered by the officials in the Irrigation department, Ministers, and contractors.

He said the TDP was just creating a delusion although the construction of main dam was yet to begin. The cofferdam too was just a temporary structure. “The TDP government has been just selling lies to the people of the State. Going by the pace of works, it will take another five years to finish the project,” he observed.

He also said that only victims of seven villages whose lands were acquired so far had received compensation. “Even the compensation package is full of irregularities,” he added.

Stating that he would prepare and submit a report on the actual status of Polavaram works to the upcoming government, he hoped that the new government would streamline the Project in terms of works and payments.

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