Vasireddy Padma Criticises Chandrababu’s Absurd Statements

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Hyderabad: YSR Congress Party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma flayed Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu for his absurd statements like his ability to divert the course of Cyclone Fani. She addressed media persons at the party headquarters here on Saturday.

Chandrababu was making such silly statements out of fear of getting exposed thoroughly after facing defeat as the results would reveal on May 23, she said. Vasireddy Padma questioned as to what Chandrababu had achieved in five years by holding cabinet meetings and whether he had held a single cabinet meeting where land allocations were not discussed. The chief minister should discuss his agenda for the proposed cabinet meeting, she said.

The YSRCP spokesperson said that state government employees had not been paid their salaries for 5 months. She further said that Chandrababu's cabinet colleagues were engrossed in their own work out of fear of defeat and had gone off the radar. She wondered as to who the TDP chief would invite to his proposed cabinet meeting. After indulging in rampant corruption for five years, Chandrababu, afraid of imminent defeat, now spoke in a manner which made him the laughing stock of people.

Vasireddy Padma ridiculed Chandrababu by observing that he wept even if YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy smiled or laughed. "They plotted to eliminate YS Jagan. Now, they want to deny him the right to see a movie, and are lowering public discourse in a democratic society," she observed. Chandrababu remained mum on the TTD gold seizure matter, but responded to YS Jagan watching a movie, she pointed out. She warned TDP leaders not to cross the line and thereby invite the fate which Speaker Kodela Sivaparasada Rao had to face.

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