Ram Gopal Varma Breathes Fire on “Dictatorial” TDP Govt

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Hyderabad: Director Ram Gopal Varma questioned the way the TDP government conveniently changes its stance on issues to suit its needs. He asked what authority the government had in holding him up in Gannavaram Airport on Sunday, when it had denied itself such a privilege of having the jurisdiction on airports when YSR Congress chief Jagan Mohan Reddy was physically attacked in Vishakapatnam airport last year.

Speaking to press persons here on Monday, Varma came out strongly against the ruling TDP government and the way he was treated at the Vijayawada airport on Sunday.

He wanted to address a press conference on Sunday in Vijayawada ahead of the release of his film Lakshmi’s NTR on May 1, but was detained by the AP Police at Gannavaram Airport. When he refused to go back he was detained for more than seven hours in the airport.

In order to share his harrowing experience under police detention, Varma held the press conference on Monday at Prasad’s Labs in Hyderabad.

Here is his earlier tweet announcing about press conference on Monday:

Excerpts from his press conference:

-He questioned as to why the Andhra Pradesh government would not allow him to enter the State limits.

-He also expressed his anger at the way the AP Police behaved and said that they had changed the way the Constitution functioned.

-He said that by restraining him the Police and State leadership were curbing his fundamental rights.

-He further questioned that if Andhra Pradesh was like North Korea and whether they need visas to enter the State limits.

-He also questioned the government's statements that when the YSR Congress Party Chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was attacked in the Visakhapatnam airport, the government claimed that they had no say in the airport security. He questioned that with what authority had they stopped him at the airport and detained him.

-He asked if the principles of democracy applied to Andhra Pradesh for being denied to conduct a press meet there. He said that he felt as if Andhra Pradesh was under a dictatorial regime.

-Talking at length RGV said that he could not understand why he was denied permission to conduct a press meet about his film in Vijayawada. He said that he had spoken at length about his film Lakshmi's NTR and there was nothing new to talk about it more.

-He asked as to how the filmmakers could promote the film if the AP government denies permission to conduct a press meet. Varma said that no one was willing to talk or explain to them. They were told that higher officials had given directions not to speak about the matter.

“Is this way democracy works?” Varma concluded.

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