Hyderabad: In a sharp jibe aimed at Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, general secretary of YSR Congress Party, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy lampooned the TDP supremo for making bizarre claims in his letter to the Election Commission of India. Sajjala said that Chandrababu Naidu claiming he could have have taken preventive steps to save seven precious lives of people who died after being struck by thunderbolts is laughable. "Does he think he's a character from Avengers endowed with supernatural powers," the YSRCP leader questioned. Chandrababu further said in his letter to the EC that there are predictions of natural calamities, implying that he needed to conduct reviews and function as a full-fledged chief minister.

Chandrababu also took the plea of heat wave conditions in the state apart from stating that 7 people died due to thunderbolt and that the deaths could have been averted had the democratically elected government been allowed to function, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy remarked. As someone said in a lighter vein, AP had been struck for 5 years by Chanderbolt, he said and wondered as to how many lives he saved over the past 5 years when it comes to people dying from a thunderbolt.

Chandrababu seemed to be behaving as if he has a lifelong right to rule over AP, the YSRCP leader said. The TDP chief was constantly targeting the EC and YSRCP , he observed. Chandrababu's odd grouse was that TDP complaints were not acted upon and then his letter cites Form 7 complaints accusing the YSRCP of deletion of votes, when in fact it had been the other way around. It was Chandrababu and the TDP which tried to delete the names of voters it identified as sympathisers of YSRCP. It used the IT Grids India company which was now charged with data theft, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy added.

The TDP chief wrote to the EC complaining of discriminatory raids by IT. Sajjala pointed out that YSRCP Guntur Lok Sabha candidate also faced IT raids. Chandrababu however, was trying to create the impression that he alone is being victimized.

Decorum demands that a government in such times, should facilitate transition, regardless of who comes to power. Chandrababu's bizarre logic that the Election Commission will be responsible if something were to happen if the chief minister does not conduct reviews, defies all reason, the YSRCP leader said. Sajjala ridiculed the TDP chief's strange argument that the EC has no jurisdiction to stop reviews by CM and said that it flies in the face of logic, coming as it does from a man who claims to have 40 years of experience in politics and administration and describes himself as a '40 year industry'. Equally hard to explain or understand was Chandrababu's claim that the EC would be responsible for costs overrun (of projects).

The YSRCP leader remarked that Chandrababu had planned to loot the state to the most in this one month and since he cannot reveal this he is making all sorts of absurd allegations.

Violating the Model Code which is in force, Chandrababu first conducted a review of the Polavaram project and for token effect added drinking water as part of Polavaram discussion. However, barely 1 minute or 2 minutes was spent at the end of the Polavaram discussion on drinking water. Chandrababu and his men were trying to present it as a separate review. As regards the capital and CRDA review, no permanent structure in 5 years and yet the TDP chief decides to hold a review now, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy remarked sarcastically.

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