Chandragiri:TDP Leaders Ostracise Family Which Voted For YSRCP

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Chittoor: Another incident of the ruling Telugu Desam Party's (TDP) atrocities on the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) sympathisers and followers came to light in Chandragiri mandal, Chittoor district on Tuesday night. Chandragiri is Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's home turf. Even after the state elections were over TDP leaders and cadre were seen targeting YSRCP leaders and those associated with the party, in various incidents across the state.

In this particular incident, a family from Kota village in Chandragiri mandal were ostracised by the local TDP leaders because they had voted for the . Not only did they boycott the family, they also tried to attack women who obejected to their high handedness.

As per the victim Karuna's account, she and her husband Shashidhar had gone to participate in the Sri Ram Navami celebrations in the village. As part of the ritual, she had taken offerings for the God in a plate. When she kept her plate there, TDP leaders from the village Munichandra, Giri, Venkatrayalu,Rajendra and a few others pushed her plate aside. When she asked as to why they pushed her plate, they citied the reason that since her family had voted for YSRCP they were boycotting her family from the village.They also told her that henceforth she and her family members should refrain from participating in any programs conducted in the village.

When Karuna and a few other women objected, the TDP leaders abused them in filthy and objectionable language and tried to attack them.The victims went to the Kota Police station along with the local YSRCP leaders and filed a complaint against them.

This incident led to widespread criticism amongst the women, who said that they had the right to vote for a leader who would work for the development of the state. They also remarked that the TDP had done nothing even after gaining power and this kind of social boycott by the local leaders was unacceptable and a crime.

The local YSRCP leaders fumed that the TDP leaders were trying to instigate people against each other in the name of caste. They also said that boycotting people from the village because they voted for the YSRCP shows how low the TDP could stoop. They further said that the police should take action against the accused as social ostracism and boycott should be dealt with and severely punished.

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