Pawan Comes Out Of Hibernation To Hold Meeting With Jana Sena Cadre

Pawan Kalyan with Jana Sena cadre - Sakshi Post

Mangalagiri: Just two days after the Jana Sena Party Spokesperson Addepalli Sridhar officially announcing that he would be staying away from JSP party affairs, JSP chief and actor Pawan Kalyan conducted a hurried meeting with the JSP aides and candidates on Sunday at the Mangalagiri JSP office.

Interestingly only fifteen members including Nadendla Manohar, JSP political advisor Rammohana Rao, Political Affairs Committee Convenor Maadasu Gangadharam and General Secretary Thota Chandrasekhar participated in this meeting.

Speaking at the meeting Pawan Kalyan said," This is the time we are growing and change begins in a small way. We don't know how far this change would evolve", he said. Pawan Kalyan also told his aides that the TDP and YSRCP are busy counting how many votes they could get. Pawan said that he wanted the party cadre to know as to how the election process had taken place and that was all he was interested in knowing.

Pawan Kalyan also enquired about the party candidates’ experiences while campaigning. He asked the party candidates to work for the people and try solve the problems even after the elections process was over. He requested that this kind of a change should be seen in the local body elections as well.

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