AP Speaker Official Residence Cum Camp Office Located In Hyderabad?

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Guntur/Hyderabad: Speaker of the Andhra Pradesh Assembly and Telugu Desam Party (TDP) senior leader Kodela Siva Prasada Rao, is currently mired in a deep controversy post the Inumetla/ Narsaraopeta rigging episode on the day of Elections on April 11.

But now, interesting information has come out regarding his domicile status. Kodela who is a Member of Legislative Assembly from Sattenapalli constituency in Guntur district has a house in his constituency and another house in Narsaraopeta which is his home town. Officials and TDP aides say that he is mostly seen in his Narsaraopeta residence called as "Kota" by the locals. If there are any issues to be resolved ( settlements ) then only he is seen in his "Kota" is what they have to say.

But startling revelations have come out that Kodela's official residence is not his Guntur or Sattenapalli house, but a building bearing House No. 8–2–503 next to the Iranian consulate in Banjara Hills Road No. 7 at Hyderabad.

According to GO No 994 issued by the General Administration Department of Andhra Pradesh on May 4, 2017, shows that a private building bearing this house number to be his official residence cum camp office. Instructions to pay a monthly rent of rupees one lakhs were also issued as mentioned in the GO.

Now in the same premises there is another company by the name Sri Venkateshwara Multiplexes Private Limited, a non-government company which is owned by the former Home minister of erstwhile Andhra Pradesh and senior TDP leader Tulla Devender Goud's sons Vinayender, Veerender, and Vijayender. The organisation mentions the registered office to be the same as the Speaker's official residence and camp office. A shareholder's annual meeting was also conducted on September 29, 2018 as mentioned in the Sri Venkateshwara Multiplexes company website. The company run by Devender Goud's children is into entertainment and gaming and they run a popular gaming mall called SVM in Hyderabad.

-Now the question that arises is that how can a Speaker of Andhra Pradesh Assembly claim a building in Hyderabad to be that as his official residence and camp office?

-Another question that needs to be clarified is how the Government of Andhra Pradesh can pay for an official residence that is in the state of Telangana?

-The third question is how can a Speaker's residence cum Camp Office also have a private non -government entity in its premises?

-Fourth question that needs to be verified is who owns the building bearing House no. 8–2–503 in Banjara Hills that is pocketing a sum of Rs 1 lakh as rent from the Andhra Pradesh government along with a hefty rental amount from Sri Venkateshwara Multiplexes Private Limited owned by TDP leader Devender Gouds sons'.

Another serious doubt that arises is whether the building is owned by Devender Goud himself?

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