Kodela Stages Fainting Drama  To Avoid Voters Ire

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Guntur: Andhra Pradesh Assembly speaker and Telugu Desam Party leader Kodela Siva Prasad Rao had forcefully tried to enter Polling booth no 160 near Inumetla village in Rajupalayam in Guntur. Not only did he enter the booth, he locked himself from inside. The voters started protesting that Kodela should be removed from there. However, Kodela was adamant and asked them to do whatever they wanted to, while hiding behind the doors. Enraged, the voters staged a protest that he was disrupting and delaying the polling activities. Police were called into action and he was forcibly taken out of the booth. Kodela, who was not expecting this reaction, fainted, rather, feigned to faint in the arms of the Police.

Onlookers were amused and upset looking at the TDP leader's behaviour. They said that he was resorting to such antics to try and gain sympathy from the voters.

Meanwhile, Kodela Sivaprasad’s son Sivaram resorted to violence against the villagers in Dammalapadu village of Mupplalla Mandal at Guntur. Accompanied by SI Yedukondalu, he went to the booth and sat there to threaten the voters. The local villagers questioned as to why he was there as he had no reason to be there. They fought back and drove him and the SI away from the village.

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