Vijayawada Highway Witnesses Massive Rush Of Voters 

Vijayawada Highway Witnesses Massive Rush Of Voters - Sakshi Post

In the wake of the General Elections in Andhra Pradesh, the voters are heading to their native places to exercise their right to vote.

However, the voters who are residing in Greater Hyderabad and other places in Telangana are heading to Andhra Pradesh to vote on April 11 resulting in heavy traffic at the toll gates.

Particularly, the Panthangi Toll Plaza on Vijayawada National highway on Wednesday morning witnessed heavy traffic jam with vehicles staying in queue for Kilometers long.

With the private travels bus managements hiking the fares, the majority of the voters are traveling in their own vehicles causing an increase in the vehicular traffic.

Due to this, the passengers are stuck for hours at the toll gates after paying the fares. Frustrated with the never-ending traffic, the passengers are demanding toll-free journey in a bid to reduce the waiting hours at the toll gates.

The situation is similar at the railway stations as well. The trains are also witnessing heavy rush with the voters traveling to AP.

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