TDP Leader Bonda Uma’s Sons Create Ruckus At YSRCP Rally In Vijayawada Central 

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Vijayawada Central: Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader and Vijayawada Central candidate Bonda Uma's sons unruly behaviour came to the fore once again on Monday, during an election campaign rally held in Vijayawada.

Not only did they obstruct the peaceful rally by the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP), they started hurling abuses and went on a rampage creating nuisance and disturbing the traffic in the city.

The incident occurred when a YSRCP election convoy under the leadership of a local industrialist Koganti Sathyam,a supporter of the YSRCP Vijayawada Central candidate Malladi Vishnu was touring the city.

As they were crossing Budameru to reach Devinagar, they crossed paths with TDP MLA Bonda Uma's campaign convoy. Bonda Uma's wife Sujatha and their sons Bonda Siddharth and Bonda Ravi Teja were in the convoy.

Seeing the YSRCP convoy, they took to the mikes and started making instigating comments. They threatened Koganti and the YSRCP aides that they would kill them.

By that time YSRCP party workers reached the place in large numbers and the situation was about to turn violent. Sensing the situation the Police were quick to disperse the TDP workers and asked Bonda Uma's sons to continue their procession and move from the place.

Shouting slogans again, they left the place. Koganti Sathyam also pacified the YSRCP workers and took them away from there to avoid any further tension.

Locals who were watching the whole episode were also appalled by the rowdy behaviour of the sitting MLA Bonda Uma's sons for creating a ruckus like street rowdies.

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