Pawan Kalyan Falls On Stage As Fan Tries To Touch His Feet

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan - Sakshi Post

Visakhapatnam: The Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan was in Vizianagaram to address a meeting. While on stage a fan tugged at his feet to get his blessings and in the bargain, Pawan fell to the ground.

With fans gathering around, many people wanted to touch Pawan Kalyan. Once he got on stage, a fan threw himself at Pawan Kalyan and fell at his feet while crossing the security cordon. Pawan Kalyan tripped and tried to grab the microphone stand for support. The stand broke and Pawan Kalyan fell down.

Security personnel immediately dragged the person off the stage and thrashed him. The Jana Sena Chief continued with the program and after it got over, when the security was handing over the boy to the police, Pawan Kalyan asked for the boy to be left alone.

After this, Pawan Kalyan traveled to Vijayawada and was admitted to Aayush Hospital. An initial medical check-up was done and the doctor advised bed rest for two days. Owing to this his public meetings and road shows in Sattenapalli and Tenali were canceled. This has left the party with no star campaigner.

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