Tirupati: A change of trend has now made politicians concentrate more on women voters as it has been found out that women have outnumbered men voters in many states.

Women have now come at the centre of politics and have emerged as the deciding factor in Indian politics.

In Chittoor district, there are 14 assembly constituencies and three parliamentary constituencies.

In a total of 30,25,222 electorate, there are 16,05,726 women voters and 15,77,16 men voters, a difference of 28,620 voters, according to Election Commission. There are 337 third gender voters.

These statistics have now made political parties depend on the support of the women to ensure their win.

In the 14 assembly seats, barring two, women voters outnumber the men. However, in the home turf of Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, Kuppam, men voters are more.

Interestingly, the temple city of Tirupati has topped the record of enrolling new voters with 33,941 new applications being added, which came up after the publication of the final list of voters on January 11.

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