TDP Workers Threaten Poll Officials On Duty, Assault Hapless People

TDP workers threatening poll officials  - Sakshi Post

Chittoor: Poll Sector officials were threatened by the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) workers while on election duty. The incident occurred on Tuesday when poll officials were checking polling stations in Kuppam, Kuppiganipalle, Pogurupalle Dasimanupalle in Chittoor districts. As part of the scrutiny, they asked the TDP workers to remove the party flags near Agaram cross. The irate party cadre behaved rudely and tried to rough up the officials, saying that they would keep the flags wherever they wanted. The TDp workers surrounded their vehicle in and sensing trouble the poll officers had to quickly exit the place.

Mallela Rajashekhar 

Kurnool: In another case of blatant poll violation in Kurnool district, the ZP Chairman of Hussainapuram and TDP leader in Orvakal Mandal,Mallela Rajasekhar was seen threatening local people to vote for the party. They questioned him as to what the ruling party had done for solving the drinking water and irrigation problems in the region and why they should vote for them. The ZP Chairman went on a rampage and along with his aides and assaulted one of the persons in the group who questioned him. The youth who was severely injured was taken to the Kurnool Government Hospital for treatment.

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