Peethala Sujatha Condemns Ambika Krishna’s Anti-Dalit Remark

Peethala Sujatha condemns Ambika Krishna’s anti-Dalit Remark - Sakshi Post

Eluru: Party leaders' infighting has become a common practice in the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) cadre. This apart from the denial of tickets to aspirants, sidelining of old members, nominations of favoured candidates, rebel candidates rising against the party Chief N Chandrababu Naidu, have all put him in a very uncomfortable situation and the party's image in an embarrassing position.

On Monday, TDP leader Ambika Krishna made objectionable comments on the Women Empowerment Minister and Chintalapudi MLA Peethala Sujata at Arya Vysa Community meet in Jangareddygudem. He said that she was denied the ticket by the Party Chief because of her arrogance. Ambika Krishna said that she had done nothing for the district and despite being a Minister she didn't put the funds to good use. Not stopping there, he said she had no common sense and that to wash of her sins, the party high command denied her the ticket.

This had led to a war of words amongst the TDP cadre and they fired at Ambika Krishna for his derogatory statements against a woman and Dalit Minister.

Peethala Sujatha in her response to his comments questioned Ambika if he was working for the party or against it. She reminded him that she, as a two-time MLA and Minister, had worked hard for her constituency. Peethala Sujatha shed tears and said that even though she was denied a ticket, which would in no way affect her commitment for the party and her constituency. She reminded Ambika Krishna as to how he had cheated his own brother-in-law of his hotel and that people in the district knew about his sleazy connections with the film industry and what he did there. In a serious warning to him, Peethala Sujatha asked him to watch his words in the future.

After a rap from the party high command for his inappropriate comments on the Dalit leader, Ambika Krishna apologised to Peethala Sujatha today.

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