Gross Injustice To Dalits Under TDP: YSRCP

YSRC Party Spokesperson K Rajasekhar - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: TDP has been anti-dalit and marginalised sections of society have been subject to neglect besides being discriminated at every point while dalit leaders of the ruling party also do not react to the injustice meted out to dalits, the YSR Congress Party has said.

Speaking to media, Party Spokesperson K Rajasekhar said, "Followers of Chandrababu Naidu had encroached upon assigned lands belonging to dalits in the capital region and other places for real estate deals. Even while paying compensation, the rate was lower to dalits than others. The backlog of filling up of vacancies in government jobs was not done and nearly 600 SC hostels were closed down during the past five years. Fee reimbursement was not given and dalits were deprived of education facilities.

Chandrababu Naidu himself has abused dalits telling that no one would be willing to take birth in a dalit family and TDP Minister Adinarayana Reddy had openly abused with derogatory statements about dalits' cleanliness while their headstrong MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar also passed distasteful remarks on dalits, he said.

Dalits in TDP do not respond to the atrocities but keep silent at a time when they are supposed to fight for their cause of dalits, he said.

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