CRDA Audits Reveal How Chandrababu Built His Jubilee Hills House 

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Amaravati: Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu's house in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, complete with designing, construction, doing up the plush interiors--all this work was entrusted to a Hyderabad-based firm, Genesis Planners. How did it all happen? Why did a firm working for CRDA end up doing this job related to the TDP supremo's house in Hyderabad? Here's the story....

  • The design work related to buildings in Amaravati was first entrusted to Maki Associates, a Japanese firm for Rs. 87 crores.
  • However, Chandrababu exerted pressure on the Tokyo-based firm to team up with his hand-picked companies, Hafeez Contractor of Mumbai and Genesis Planners of Hyderabad, which Maki refused.
  • The AP government is said to have scrapped the agreement with Maki unilaterally, much to the chagrin of Maki Associates, which wrote a letter of protest.
  • London-based Norman Forster was selected along with Hafeez Contractor as partners in this project by the AP government.
  • Later, Hyderabad-based Genesis Planners was also added to form a trio.
  • The AP trumpeted that it had negotiated with Forster from Rs. 67.86 crores to Rs. 60.72 crores as fees to prepare the designs. This was later hiked to Rs. 112.58 crores and finally to Rs. 250 crores.
  • An advance of Rs. 210 crores was hastily paid and the CRDA Audit report reveals why this was done.
  • Rs. 130 crores was diverted through Genesis to work related to the AP chief minister's house, according to official sources.
  • Fosters were supposed to be paid RS 60.72 Crores for the designs, but the amount was enhanced to RS 112.58 ( as per 10th session of the CRDA held on June 16, 2017) and again to Rs 250 Crore. Out of which Rs 210 Crore were paid as advance amount.
  • Officials on the condition of anonymity say that from the Rs 210 Crore, Rs 40 Crore was given to Hafeez Contractors and Rs 90 Crores to Genesis Planners.
  • However, the Rs 130 Crores were diverted to Hyderabad through Genesis planners for the construction of his house.

The head of Genesis planners is reportedly close to Chandrababu and together with Hafeez Contractor the funds were used to build the Bungalow in Hyderabad. According to official sources another Rs 40 Crore is yet to be paid to them. So the entire construction of the house and execution was taken care of by Genesis Planners who were actually part of the Amaravathi Capital Region Development.

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