Rowdyism, Mafia At Alarming Levels In AP

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy aand YS Sharmila addressing mammoth gathering as a paert of election campaign. - Sakshi Post

With restlessness looming large, Chandrababu Naidu has become desperate and has been pushing all the panic buttons using money, mafia, media and manipulations to the hilt, the YSR Congress Party has said and appealed to the voters to be alert and keep away from the crumbs the chief minister has been throwing in the election eve only to cheat them later as he had done during his previous term.

In a whirlwind tour of the coastal districts party leaders YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, YS Vijayamma and YS Sharmila said, rowdyism, and mafia have been operating on an alarming scale in the state and media management has become more active by posting fake surveys and false stories have been coming up only to tom-tom them on the following day without even verifying the facts.

The fear of defeat and lack of response from the people is strikingly visible in the face of TDP leadership but this is not the time for laxity as Chandrababu is known for his manipulative skills. The cadre should be alert and be in touch with the masses to expose the misdeeds as he would stoop to any level in the one week to come.

When a survey was publishing attributing it to a particular agency, which disowned it later, the media report was taken over to electioneering by Chandrababu and this theory has been the trademark of the TDP functioning.

The 2019 verdict at the Centre is likely to be a fractured one and if we win all the 25 MP seats we stand at an advantageous position with a better bargaining power and can achieve Special Category Status (SCS) and help in developing the state and improve its economic strength.

Lies, corruption, injustice, cheating and lawlessness have been the summary of TDP governance during the past five years and what the ruling party is doing is to create rumours and take up discussion and debates on televisions only to divert the attention of the public from talking about serious issues like governance and the implementation of poll promises, they said.

Twenty one months back, the YSRCP promised that it would give investment subsidy of Rs 50,000 to farmers. TDP has neglected farmers all the time and just three months before elections, it came up with a scheme Anna daatha sukhibhava. We have to remember what he has done with the election promise of prohibition, farm power subsidy and Rs 2-kg rice after taking over from NTR. Chandrababu has simply ignored all of them.

Twenty-one months earlier, we promised during the Party Plenary, on the birth anniversary of YSR, that we will waive the loans of all women groups in four instalments. What Chandrababu Naidu is doing today is depositing a fraction of the promised amount in bank accounts of women under the Pasupu Kunkuma scheme. What he promised now is Rs 6,000 what we have promised much earlier is Rs 28,000. We are a family that never goes back on promises and Chandrababu has never kept his promise throughout his 40-year political career.

We have promised jobs, reservations to locals, filling up of vacant government jobs and what Chandrababu has been doing is giving Rs 1,000 as stipend and could not create jobs but had shunted out many people from their jobs. The only person to get a job was Lokesh who got the MLC post and a promotion in the form of three cabinet berths, they said.

TDP does not respect women and the Dendaluru MLA had assaulted a women tehsaldiar and no action was taken against him and he is contesting again which shows the nature of the ruling party.

The land mafia of Gurlazala MLA had hit the headlines and his atrocities knew no bounds. While he was involved in illegal mining and runs a mafia, the TDP ignored him and has been taking action against small timers while the local leader had been dictating terms and is running an empire of corruption. Janma Bhoomi Committees have been functioning like an organised mafia.

The Navaratnalu will benefit all sections of the society and women belonging to the weaker sections in the age-group of 45-60 will be getting Rs 75,000. Under AmmaVodi, Rs 15,000 will be deposited into the bank accounts of mothers for sending two of their children to schools.

Our family has the record of honouring every promise we make unlike Chandrababu who has gone back on 650 odd poll promises and has again come up with a batch of fresh promises this time around which he is bound to break should there be an encore for him.

YSRCP leaders held public meetings in key constituencies and stated in no unclear terms that if Chandrababu Naidu is voted back, anarchy would prevail with all the institutions being painted yellow, TDP’s colour.

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