50 Reasons Why AP People Want To Crown YS Jagan CM

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By Reshmi AR

Our team went around various parts of Andhra Pradesh asking people which leader and party they would cast their precious vote for and the reasons for their choice. An overwhelming number preferred YSR Congress Party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. We probed further and asked them to tell us why and then put together their responses. Here they are…

1. YS Jagan’s calm and composed demeanor and his sense of cheerfulness which is infectious

2. The strength of will he demonstrated by taking on the high and mighty single-handedly, setting up his own party and emerging taller over a period of nine years.

3. The dignity with which he conducted himself in this period following the tragic demise of his father, Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy

4. His single-mindedness of purpose and determination to stand alone in the political firmament without having any tie-ups or alliances

5. His decision to go on Odarpu yatra to console the families of those who died of a heart attack or committed suicide upon learning of Dr YSR’s sudden demise

6. YS Jagan’s promised system of welfare governance based on Navaratnalu which would percolate to the grassroots level covering all sections of society

7. YS Jagan’s commitment to provide a comprehensive fee-reimbursement scheme which would restore the glory of Dr YSR’s era

8. His promise of an allowance of Rs 20,000 to every student and commitment to spend Rs 1 lakh to1.5 lakhs on the education of each student

9. YS Jagan’s assurance of providing financial assistance of Rs 50,000 to farmers and his commitment to give Rs 12,500 per year to the family of each farmer

10. His promise of giving zero interest loans and free borewells to the farming community and setting up a calamity relief fund of Rs 4,000 crores

11. YS Jagan's promise to provide Minimum Support Price to farmers to ensure a fair deal to them.

12. YS Jagan’s assurance of providing 9 hours of free electricity during the day to the agriculture sector to ensure that farmers prosper under Rajanna Rajyam.

13. His commitment of setting up cold storage units and food processing centres in all constituencies of the state for the benefit of farmers

14. YS Jagan’s assurance of completing Polavaram and other irrigation projects on a priority to ensure that millions of families dependent on agriculture benefit

15. The YSRCP’s promise of a phase-wise ban on alcohol to undo the havoc wrought by unbridled alcoholism due to the mushrooming of belt shops in villages and towns across the state

16. YS Jagan’s commitment to encourage school-going children by providing Rs 15,000 as assistance to all mothers who send their children to school under Amma Vodi scheme

17. His promised path-breaking initiative to waive all loans related to women’s cooperative societies under the scheme YSR Asara

18. YS Jagan’s promise of ensuring that zero interest loans are provided to women and that interest amount of loans up to Rs 50,000 would be borne by the government

19. The YSRCP’s promise of supporting all women from SC/ST/BC and minorities over the age of 45 through the proposed YSR Cheyutha under which an amount of Rs 75,000 per women would be given to those drawn from these communities over a period of four years

20. YS Jagan’s promise of building 25 lakh homes for the poor

21. The YSRCP’s commitment to register permanent houses built for the power in the name of the woman of the household to empower women and ensure their security socially and economically

22. The YSRCP’s proposed initiative of providing an additional loan facility to women through banks at 0.25 paisa interest

23. YS Jagan’s promise of reducing the eligibility age criteria for pensions from 65 to 60

24. YSRCP’s commitment to give Rs 2000 to eligible senior citizens over 60 years of age

25. YSRCP’s promise of providing a pension of Rs 3000 to the physically challenged

26. YS Jagan’s 3648-km long padayatra (walkathon) through the length and breadth of Andhra Pradesh interacting with thousands of people in each district

27. His ability to connect with the poorest of the poor and help them to the utmost without appearing to be patronizing and without any publicity

28. YS Jagan’s commitment to value based politics and his refusal to make compromises with other political entities for narrow electoral gains

29. YS Jagan's character—a glowing example of a man true to his word, a man of integrity and firm resolve, a man whose actions match his words

30. YS Jagan's promise to improve the lot of fishermen across the state, also strive to better the condition of Nayee Brahmins, Viswa Brahmins, Kapus, and other BC communities

31. YSRCP’s promise of setting up corporations for various communities to uplift their socio-economic status

32. YS Jagan's commitment to the welfare and all-round development of minorities

33. YSRCP’s assurance of standing by AgriGold victims after coming to power

34. YS Jagan's promise to revive aqua-culture and accord due importance to it

35. YSRCP's assurance of setting up village secretariats to function as nodal points to resolve issues in each hamlet without making villagers run from pillar to post

36. YS Jagan's promise to scrap the infamous Janmabhoomi committees, which have become village mafias in AP

37. The YSRCP chief's commitment to help victims of kidney diseases, especially those affected by low quality drinking water in parts of Vizianagaram, Srikakulam and Prakasam districts

38. The personal touch which YS Jagan lends when he reaches out to the common man, expecially the aged and the disabled

39. The insight the YSRCP chief has into the lives of people in villages and towns and the multiple problems they face and his determination to find solutions in a transparent manner

40. The assurance given by YS Jagan to victims of cyclone titli who were badly let down by the TDP government

41. YS Jagan’s promise to fill up all vacancies in government and publish APPSC notifications as per calendar

42. YS Jagan’s concern for the safety of people who travel in boats on Godavari and Krishna rivers

43. Commitments made by the YSRCP chief to sportspersons, promising them of encouragement under Rajanna Rajyam

44. YS Jagan’s promise to help patients of chronic conditions such as Thalassemia

45. His assurance to the weavers community across the state—be they in Dharmavaram, Yemmiganuru or Chirala among other places to stand by them and revive the handloom sector

46. YS Jagan’s promise to the agricultural sector to scrap the system of middlemen to ensure justice to the farmer and the grower

47. The YSRCP president’s assurance to restore the Konaseema region to its pristine glory

48. His concern for workers in cottage industries such as handicrafts and his commitment to support them. Also, is resolve to revive the dying Putharekulu industry in Athreyapuram

49. YS Jagan’s promise to ensure connectivity of villages through an efficient network of roads

50. YS Jagan's tireless struggle for Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh and his sustained protests, dharnas and fasts. The moral courage demonstrated by the YSRCP chief in asking party MPs to resign from the Lok Sabha demanding SCS to the state.

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