TDP Cadre Obstruct YSRCP Leader In Mangilipattu,Chandragiri

Chevireddy Bhasker Reddy - Sakshi Post

TDP cadre obstructed YSR Congress Party leader Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy from conducting his election campaign in Mangilipattu village in Chandragiri constituency of Chittoor district,There were heated arguments between both groups.

Sources say that the YSRCP MLA faced an attempt of the TDP supporters to obstruct the campaign amidst huge party cadre support from both sides. It is said that an elderly man who is believed to be of the TDP cadre had taken out his belt and flipped it in the air as an act of threat towards the opposing YSRCP.

Both the party cadre had jolted against each other.

However, after the police had come to the place and intervened the partymen seem to have settled down and Chevireddy left the place by canceling his poll campaign at the village.

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