Malladi Vishnu Flays TDP MLA Bonda For Rowdyism

YSRCP Leader Malladi Vishnu - Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: YSRCP MLA candidate for Vijayawada Central constituency, Malladi Vishnu condemned the growing highhandedness and roughneck methods of his TDP rival, Bonda Uma Maheswara Rao. Addressing the media on Monday, Vishnu spoke about the land-grabbing indulged in by Bonda. He also mentioned acts of rowdyism of the TDP MLA. Vishnu criticised the TDP MLA for vitiating the atmosphere of a tranquil place like Vijayawada. Bonda has turned the city into a hub of settlements and threats, the senior YSRCP leader observed.

Four days ago, Bonda had insulted a doctor from the Brahmin community in Vijayawada for no reason and people of the entire state saw this unprovoked outburst on his part. Malladi Vishnu lambasted Bonda saying that since the TDP did nothing over 5 years, he and other TDP leaders were resorting to vicious, personal attacks. He also clarified that there was no FIR filed by the Excise department aginst him with respect to spurious liquor and expressed his anger at the police for being a part of TDP's politics of conspiracy.

Malladi Vishnu questioned the inaction of the government when it came to those mixed cyanide in a water cooler. He challenged Bonda Uma to a debate on this issue.

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