Does Pawan Have A Local Connect In Gajuwaka?

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Visakhapatnam: Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan has taken a house on rent here in the Gajuwaka area. This comes in the light of criticism against him that he has nothing to do with the area, it is learnt. With only 10 days left for electioneering, the question that is being asked of Pawan Kalyan is—why does he need a house here now, for these few days?

Pawan Kalyan does not indicate whether he is going to continue to stay here irrespective of the outcome of the April 11 election. He is learnt to have zeroed in on Gajuwaka constituency though it was suggested that he could contest from Ananthapuram, Eluru, Pithapuram or Vijayawada Central, among other assembly constituencies. The reason behind his choice of this constituency is supposed to be the caste composition here.

People here say that if Pawan Kalyan had decided on contesting from Gajuwaka some time ago, what took him so long to rent a house here. When he visited the Visakhapatnam district on earlier occasions last year, Pawan Kalyan stayed in Sai Priya Resorts on the Beach Road. Locals say that had he set up an office in a house here in Gajuwaka back then to tour north Andhra districts, he would have developed some connection with this constituency. For the Jana Sena founder to move into a rented house 10 days before electioneering comes to a close, does not make sense, locals remark. The people of Gajuwaka stand by locals, it is pointed out. Over the past four decades in various elections, this fact was established.

What is Pawan Kalyan‘s fate in Bhimavaram? Has he rented a house there too? How long does he plan to stay there? Does he not have a house in Amaravati and also in Hyderabad? Where should people who seek resolution of their problems meet him? Where would he be accessible to them? These are questions being asked by the locals here.

Meanwhile, members of the Kapu community are not happy with Pawan Kalyan‘s decisions. Many of them pointed out that he has no connection with the Gajuwaka area. They wonder whether it is not important to have an understanding of local problems and an awareness of the issues here before one chooses to contest.

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