Nara Lokesh Comedy Beats Jabardasth: Nagababu

Nara Lokesh And Naga Babu - Sakshi Post

Nara Lokesh has catapulted on to centre stage, but as luck would have it, more as a butt of social media jokes.

This time around it is Naga Babu who compared Lokesh to the comedian Relangi. Naga Babu had said that Lokesh’s comedy is the best.

He exclaimed that even jabardasth comedy did not stand a chance against the hilarious moments provided by Lokesh.

He went on to take a jibe at the AP Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu as well. He alleged that Chandrababu Naidu is ‘Mentally unstable.’

Naga Babu took a jibe at TDP’s Shiva Rama Raju stating that he is responsible for water pollution owing to his aqua business.

Naga babu had appealed to the people to vote for him as he claimed hat he would develop Narsapuram Parliament constituency like no one ever did before.

However, the masses don’t seem to have the kind of faith in him which he wants them to repose.

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