Balakrishna’s Temper Keeps Him In The News

Actor turned politician Nandamuri Balakrishna bursts out in a fit of anger at a supporter - Sakshi Post

Anantapur: Actor turned politician Nandamuri Balakrishna vented his ire at a party worker in the Anantapur district on Saturday. Known for his temperamental outbursts, he abused a journalist recently and made it to the headlines again.

Balakrishna, who is known for his quick flashed of temper, lashed out at a TDP supporter in Sirivaram. The TDP worker Ravi Kumar, questioned the Hindupur MLA as to why the village was not getting water from Handri. This angered Balakrishna, who pushed Ravi Kumar and later on, ordered the police to send him out of the premises.

Saddened by this incident, Ravi Kumar resigned from the TDP and joined YSRCP in the presence of Hindupur MLA candidate Iqbal.

Balakrishna's behaviour has proved to be disheartening to the supporters of TDP as well. In a recent instance, Balakrishna threatened a journalist for shooting a video of his, wherein the leader’s bodyguards pushed children who tried to come close to the actor. The actor turned politician, Chandrababu Naidu’s brother-in-law and Lokesh’s father-in-law, abused the media person and claimed that he knew how to hurl bombs and wield a sword. The entire episode was recorded and the clip went viral. Balakrishna on earlier occasions, is known to have assaulted party workers in the past.

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