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Anantapur: Ever since the TDP came to power in 2014, YSR Congress party leaders and workers have suffered great harassment, party supporters and sympathisers say. Perhaps, the worst aspect of it all in Anantapur district, is the role of the police, they point out. The cops refuse to act on complaints of atrocities committed by ruling Telugu Desam Party leaders. One of the ruling party leaders had even threatened to kill voters if they did not vote for TDP and yet the Anantapur police seem to look the other way, YSRCP leaders say.

It is learned that TDP leader Mukunda Naidu had threatened some voters saying that if they did not vote for Raptadu MLA candidate Paritala Sriram, they would be harmed. But police have not taken cognizance of his errant behaviour, the local YSRCP leaders remark. Mukunda Naidu has been committing such breaches of the law, in the presence of Minister Paritala Sunitha. However, a bindover case has been filed against him.

Observers added that minister Paritala Sunitha is influencing the police not to take any action on the TDP cadre and it is because of her, that the police are taking sides, YSRCP leaders say. They point out that the police seem to have forgotten that till elections are over, the Model Code is in force and all the functionaries come directly under the authority of the Election Commission.

Meanwhile, unlawful cases have been filed against YSRCP candidate Thopudurti Rajashekar Reddy by the police. All across the state police are acting in the favour of TDP, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is using police vehicles to disburse money, YSRCP leaders point out. In fact, a delegation of senior party leaders headed by Rajya Sabha Member V. Vijayasai Reddy had met the Full Bench of the Election Commission on Friday and apprised it of the abuse of authority by the TDP government.

No bind-over cases have been filed against rowdies supporting the ruling TDP. In one instance it was learned that the fourth town CI had rolled out the red carpet to a few criminals. YSRCP leaders say that the onus of conducting a free and fair election lies entirely with the EC in these trying circumstances.

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