Extortion Of Money In The Name Of Lokesh Service Tax

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Mangalagiri: Builders and Realtors in Mangalagiri constituency are shivering in fear with a new tax called  LST - Nara Lokesh Tax!

Reports say that the TDP minister Nara Lokesh's associates are collecting election funds or rather resorting to extorting money from local builders and realtors. They are calling up the realtors and asking them to contribute to the campaign fund. Any calls from the TDP office are causing panic among them and they are unable to fend them off out of fear of the ruling party.

With the surrounding areas of Mangalagiri coming under the Amaravati capital zone, several real estate companies have started construction of  many commercial buildings and  residential projects on either side of the National Highway there.

Among them prominent construction companies like Jayabheri, IJM, Lingamaneni Ramakrishna, Sahithi, Undavalli  are building huge residential apartments there. Apart from these conglomerates, smaller construction companies have also got into business of building huge projects near the Tadepalli-Kanakadurga Flyover. Lokesh's aides are asking amounts ranging from Rs. 5 lakhs to Rs.1 crore based on the company's capability and name.

Not just extorting money, they have also gone to the extent of levying a rule that small realtors from nearby villages should bear the entire cost of campaigning in their village.

Citing an example about this, Atmakur village abutting the National highway, has the villages of Chinakakani, Kaza villages in its limits. Local construction companies which are building projects in those areas are supposed to pay the voters through their pockets. Another report was that the managements of Vaddeswaram private university in Tadepalligudem, NRI medical college and hospital in Chinakakani, a club near the Prathur, Tadepalligudem were all forced to  deposit crores of funds in the TDP campaign account.

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