Bitter Experience For TDP Dharmavaram MLA

Women questioning Dharmavaram TDP Candidate Varadapuram Suri - Sakshi Post

Dharmavaram: Telugu Desam Party (TDP) Dharmavaram candidate Varadapuram Suri had a bitter encounter with the local women in Dharmavaram on Thursday. Suri who was campaigning in Panduranga Street there was accosted by the local women who confronted him about the housing sites due to them. They said that it had been more than five years since they had applied for Housing sites and many petitions were filed with the government but to no avail they said. They accused of him secretly allotting these sites to his associates.

Unable to handle their questions Suri beat a hasty retreat from there. While the local leaders tried to pacify them saying that they would look into the matter, the women were even more enraged and asked them brusquely to leave and literally chased them from there. A video of this episode is going viral on the social media as well.

The weavers society head Gonuguntla Satyanarayana also questioned him that till date they had not received a pie from the welfare schemes the TDP had initiated. He also said that the Weavers were yet to receive the subsidies pending from the government and why should they vote for them, he questioned. He reminded the TDP leader that they had been running around his house for the past five years and that he hadn't helped them get a single loan for a weaving loom he asked. Not stopping there, he asked Suri if any Loan was given through the BC Welfare scheme and if they came to ask him, they were told to speak to the Ward councillors or Ward in-charge, leaving the MLA red-faced twice in his own constituency.

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