Vijayasai Reddy Takes A Jibe At Chandrababu’s Emotional Blackmail On Voters

V Vijayasai Reddy - Sakshi Post

Senior YSR congress Party leader and Rajya Sabha Member V Vijayasai Reddy taunted Chandrababu's style of campaigning. Taking to Twitter he said that people didn't care whether TDP leaders went to Jail or Singapore.

The YSRCP leader advised Chandrababu Naidu to ask for votes based on the development works done in the past five years. With reference to one of Chandrababu's recent campaigns, he said that crying in front of the public and asking them if they would vote for him or send him to jail was something worthless people do.

Vijayasai Reddy berated Chandrababu for saying that if votes were to be sold he would buy them. The YSRCP leader asked the TDP chief if he had no sense of shame. This showed to what extent the TDP supremo could stoop for votes.

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