TDP Offers Rs 300, Alcohol To Attend Lokesh Election Rallies 

TDP Offers Rs 300, Alcohol To Attend Lokesh Election Rallies - Sakshi Post

Devarapally,Paderu/Visakhapatnam: TDP IT Minister Nara Lokesh who was touring Visakhapatnam district has been regaling the public with his funny speeches laced with slips of tongue and irrelevant innuendos.

But the TDP cadre had an extremely tough time in gathering crowds for these campaign rallies to support Madugula Constituency TDP candidate Gavireddy Ramanaidu and Anakapally MP Candidate Aadari Anand.

Women and Men were paid Rs 300 along with Alcohol and were forcibly brought to the rallies. The liquor shops were teeming with people in Devarapally mandals by people who were being given free alcohol by the TDP.

It was the same case in Paderu constituency. There were hardly any people in the rally. TDP MLA candidate Giddi Easwari who had taken up the responsibility of conducting the rally had a difficult task of gathering crowds.

Except for the yellow - shirted party cadre the public were seen missing in the rally which turned out to be a damp squib. Nara Lokesh was seen requesting the crowds to vote for Paderu MLA aspirant Giddi Easwari and Araku MP Candidate Kishore Chandra Deo , but nobody responded.

TDP MLA candidate Giddi Easwari has been having a rough time electioneering and has not been able to muster local support. Her defection to TDP after having won on a YSRCP ticket has not gone down well with the local populace.

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