RGV Plays An April Fool Joke On Pawan Kalyan

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Hyderabad: Sensational film director Ram Gopal Verma sent Netizens into a tizzy again today. He tweeted saying he was entering the election fray and would be conesting against Jana Sena Party leader  Pawan Kalyan in Bheemvaram Constituency.

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Knowing fully well that the last date for nominations was over and the withdrawal of nominations was happening today, he tweeted that he knew that the nominations were over but he had got special  permission from someone at the top to contest against Pawan Kalyan and that the people had to wait for the details.

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Known for his publicity antics and controversial remarks that he does extensively through Twitter, Ram Gopal Varma has kept everyone on Tenterhooks with this statement.

His Lakshmi's NTR is due for release tomorrow and with just another 24 hours to release, the movie hasd garnered enough publicity thanks to its trailer and TDP party leader N Chandrababu Naidu trying all moves to stall the release including filing cases in the court, writing to the Election Commission saying the film release would be a violation of the Model Code of Conduct and running a propaganda saying the story was false.

Ram Gopal Varma successfully crossed all hurdles with the High Court permitting him to release the movie and tell his version of the Truth in Lakshmi's NTR.

At the end, it emerged that his tweet was only a joke he played on Pawan Kalyan and Ram Gopal Varma tweeted that it was an advancedAppil fool joke  and hoped nobody believed it.

This was enough to send the Twitterati into a high  and knowing Ram Gopal Varma, you never know what tricks he has up sleeve.

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