Ganta Srinivasa Rao Skips Journalists Forum In Visakhapatnam To Avoid Discomfiture

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Visakhapatnam: Education Minister and TDP leader Ganta Srinivasa Rao skipped the Face -to- Face session with the North Andhra Candidates, which was organised by the Visakhapatnam Journalist Forum (VJF).

YSRCP Candidate KK Raju, BJP candidate Vishnukumar Raju, Jana Sena Party Candidate P Usha Kiran Congress Candidate Govinda Raju and TDP's Ganta Srinivasa Rao's name were proposed for the debate. All the candidates readily accepted, but it is reported that Ganta had called one of the VJF members and said that he was not coming because of the BJP candidate Vishnukumar's presence. Ganta also said that they would put him in an embarrassing situation in front of the media which he wanted to avoid, it is reported.

It is said that Ganta Srinivasa Rao is an expert in Poll Management and was buying a vote for RsS 10,000 Vishnukumar Raju alleged. Vishnukumar also said that Ganta was known to be corrupt and that he had the capability of buying Polling agents. He said that Ganta was a dangerous man and that would spend and distribute money indiscriminately, he criticised.

It is said that because of Vishnukumar's statements that the Bheemili people had driven the TDP leader away and he ended up in Visakhapatnam. This was the reason why Ganta skipped the program conducted by the Vizag journalists. Moreover, if he was unable to field any questions or participate in the debate it could be a major embarrassment for the party's image and using this as an excuse he avoided the session held by the VJF.

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