The mega family has connections with Narasapuram and with the whole of the district. But they have done nothing for the village of Mogalturu.

Chiranjeevi’s father Venkatadri hails from Penugonda but settled in his mother-in-law’s village. Chiranjeevi and his younger brother Nagendra Babu were born in the mission hospital in Narasapuram and studied in the same high school in Mogalturu. Chiranjeevi’s father was working as a constable with the Excise department and was transferred to various places.

This paved the way for the three brothers to stay at their maternal grandmother’s house in Mogalturu. Chiranjeevi completed his degree from YN college, in Narasapuram.

As this is a coastal area, which gets hit by cyclone every year, they never helped the region in its tough times. Actor turned politician Chiranjeevi again came back to Mogalturu after establishing the Praja Rajyam Party. He faces severe criticism from the natives for doing nothing for the welfare of the village.

Elderly men in Mogalturu fell short of funds and pleaded with the family to contribute to the college, but they never helped. It is learned that the junior college was built by Ande Bapanna and later Kotla Venkata Ranga Rao Degree College was established in 1994.

In Mogulturu, government library had been built by the fans of megastar and they installed a statue of Chiranjeevi. But, Chiranjeevi never paid any money for it.

YN Degree College is where Chiranjeevi had completed his bachelors and Naga Babu pursued his intermediate. As the alumni actor Krishnam Raju and director Dasari Narayana Rao have funded for two buildings. Here to they never paid any interest.

As Chiranjeevi was facing the criticism that he had done nothing for the place he was born, he spent his MP LADS money on the construction of roads and drains in Perupalem village. He even donated Rs 15,00,000 from the same MP LADS but never took money out from his own pocket.

The residence of the actor in Mogalturu was sold off at Rs 1,25,000 in 1999. People from Mogalturu wanted to establish a library or hospital in the building, but the mega family never gave it to any activities of philanthropy.

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