Chandrababu Has No Faith In Democracy: YS Jagan

YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy saluting to the crowd at Chintalapudi public meeting - Sakshi Post

Palakollu/ Chintalapudi/Vinukonda/Nandigama: YSR Congress President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that Chandrababu Naidu’s arrogance has surpassed the peaks of anarchy and dictatorship as the care-taker chief minister started questioning the wisdom of Election Commission which shows his lack of faith in democracy and has appealed to the people to reject the corrupt TDP and use their discretion in electing a leader with credibility who has respect for values and institutions.

Addressing huge crowds of enthusiastic supporters thronging all the venues with rapturous applause, sloganeering accompanied by chants of "CM, CM" everywhere, he said, "Chandrababu Naidu has no respect for any institution and even went to the extent of questioning the decision of Election Commission which is an autonomous body responsible for conduct of elections and looks after the administration till the new government is in place." The transfer of an Intelligence official is being questioned and a big hue and cry is being raised.

Once the election code comes into effect the role of Election Commission comes into full play, but Chandrababu Naidu has no respect has for any institution and has built a network of his loyalists who work on his terms even when he is a care-taker and has no real time power. Questioning the authority of the Election Commission and issuing of Government Orders are not stray incidents of arrogance of Chandrababu Naidu. He had earlier misused democratic institutions like Assembly, heckled at democracy by luring 23 MLAs from YSRCP and inducting four defectors into the cabinet besides questioning the CBI, ED and other Central agencies when they did not suit his purpose.

"When the Leader of Opposition was attacked at Vizag airport, we have seen how the DGP has behaved and how everyone followed him trying to project the incident as a minor happening and we have seen how Chandrababu Naidu has reacted when was caught on the wrong foot. When a person cannot give protection to the Leader of Opposition what protection can he give to ordinary citizens? He kills my uncle and tries to shift the blame on our family members", YS Jagan said.

For TDP President, democracy is not people’s power but it is personal power, he said. As he has nothing to speak about his achievement and any debate on such subject would embarrass him, he has been raising frivolous issues one after the other and diverting the attention of the public through his friendly media, friendly actor and partner who are all bearing the same feathers.

The paid actor reads lines from the script prepared by TDP office and the partner party jumps into the fray with an election symbol which is close to our fan symbol and also selects candidates whose names matches to that of our candidates so that the two names come in succession in the ballot to create confusion.

This game of thrones being enacted by Chandrababu Naidu with the actor, partner, money, muscle, and media power has many more layers of controversies, perceived and illusionary and in the coming fortnight they would unfold to divert the attention of the people away from his mal-governance and failures.

In the delta region from where the actor has filed nomination with a horde of supporters holding TDP flags accompanying him, there is no water for second crop in the Chandrababu Naidu government and the hospital was not upgraded as promised by TDP leadership during elections.

The actor however, reads only lines from the script and does not mention about the corruption in housing scheme where the contractors had their share of pie in advance and the poor are left with no option but to pay the EMI for a lifetime. The extent of venality can be gauged by the fact that there has been corruption in the graveyards as well, YS Jagan said.

The YSRCP chief said that "during the padayatra of 3,648 odd km, I heard your voice, understood your plight and I assure you that I am with you." YS Jagan assured the women, old people, youth and all sections of the people not to yield to the cheap tactics of Chandrababu Naidu, but to use their discretion and give a chance for credibility and change and vote the YSRCP to power.

He said that all women groups would get their dues waived, unlike Chandrababu Naidu who had gone back on his word and women in the age group of 45-60 will get Rs 75,000 in four instalments. Quality education and medicare would be provided and pensions would be raised to Rs 3,000 besides decentralisation of administration.

Government schools have been closed down to promote his business partner and minister Narayana group of schools. If Chandrababu Naidu is voted back, government schools, power, transport and other public utilities will go into private hands with people bearing the brunt, added. Pension and ration cards will be weeded out once he comes back to power and his atrocities will have no bounds as he will resort to all the nefarious means, he said.

Anarchy and authoritarian rule would raise their ugly head, should an unscrupulous person like Chandrababu Naidu be voted back to power. YS Jagan toured West Godavari, Guntur and Krishna districts addressing crowded public meetings on Thursday.

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