Nandigama Suresh Babu Feels Indebted To YS Jagan 

Nandigama Suresh Babu Feels Indebted To YS Jagan - Sakshi Post

Amaravati: YSR Congress Party MP candidate from Bapatla, Nandigama Suresh Babu has been catapulted from a very modest background into the limelight. He is all praise for the Leader of the Opposition Andhra Pradesh Assembly and YSRCP President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy for granting this opportunity to him.

The Lok Sabha candidate opened up about his entry into the politics and his affiliation to YSRCP and his faith in the leadership of YS Jagan.

Nandigam Suresh hails from Uddandarayunipalem village, Tulluru mandal, Guntur district. He is one among the five children of Paulu and Santhoshamma. As his family was from a very impoverished background, he and his elder brother were joined in SC welfare hostel, where their relatives were working.

As their financial status got worse he had to drop out midway and started working as a daily wage labourer along with his elder brother. Suresh later learned photography and eked a living out of it. After that he started working for commissions in the Real estate sector, and this gave him financial stability.

Admirer of Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy:

"I am a great admirer of former Chief Minister YS Rajasekhara Reddy, as my family was beneficiary of the Indiramma housing scheme. Later we thought of selling a small piece of land owned by the family to clear the debts, but with the loan waiver by Dr YS Rajasekahara Reddy, we had no need of selling it.

I took up the flags of YSRCP and marched when the party was established", Suresh says.

Banana Plantation Arson Case:

When miscreants set fire to the banana plantations in the capital area, the Mangalagiri rural police took Suresh into custody and harassed him. They tried to force him to issue a statement that this was committed by YS Jagan and offered him a large sum of money, but he refused to so, Suresh recalls.

"The police even stripped me and physically assaulted me, and it was during this phase I wanted to end my life by committing suicide. But, thinking about the future of my kids, I dropped the idea", he recollects.

“People from my native village were scared to talk to me after learning that I was arrested by police. When I came home back from police station my children and my brother’s children had written welcome note on their slates. I became emotional after watching their note for me.

It was during this phase YS Jagan stood by me and sent 47 MLAs to my residence. They expressed their solidarity with me and when YS Jagan was in my village he asked me to be on the stage and share my experience in the police station experience with all. I noticed the pain in YS Jagan’s eyes.

The YSRCP chief assured me that he will support me. Later, he gave me his landline number, personal assistant’s mobile number and told me to contact him in case of emergency. In the next meeting he asked me what I expected from him.

I replied nothing much, I just want to be in your entourage and stand behind you, in the press meet after you become the CM of Andhra Pradesh. I remembered telling that people from my village should look at me, while I am beside you. "

Suresh recalled that one fine day YS Jagan he called for him and asked him to contest for the LoK Sabha. "I hesitated at the beginning and told him that I was poor and lack experience".

Then YS Jagan assured him that he would gain experience. "After I was given the MP ticket I was speechless and emotional. "While Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, Minister Adinarayana Reddy, Chintamaneni Prabhakar, Varla Ramaiah were defaming Dalits, YS Jagan in contrast, gave me a Lok Sabha ticket to contest and made me read the list".

Suresh remarked that “ this still seems like a dream to me as I come from a poor family, which is not in a position to have three meals a day. In the past if I found any political leader, I would go and request for a selfie, but now people are requesting me for a selfie. I feel this is enough for this life time."

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