No Kapu Votes For Pawan’s Jana Sena

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Kakinada: If Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan thought he could garner some Kapu votes from the members of his community, then he is mistaken. Support from the Kapu Community seems to be nil for the Jana Sena Party. Kapu Nadu has asked all its members to exercise their vote according to their will. They have also believed to have unanimously decided to distance themselves from all the political parties.

Mudragada Padmanabham, the Kapu Nadu leader, is believed to have conveyed to the community to vote on the basis of their interest only and nothing else. VY Das, Kapu Nadu State coordinator, advised the Kapus to use their voting power with discretion. He added that the Kapus were innocent voters and parties usually take advantage of that. He said that their organisation had not given any suggestions to the community in exercising their votes.

Candidates from the Jana Sena Party and other leaders want their party high command to communicate with the elders from the Kapu community to garner their support and win the elections.

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