TimesNow Survey Predicts Landslide Win For YSRCP In Elections 2019

Times Now Survey - Sakshi Post

Times now takes us through the seat share projection for Andhra Pradesh. The NDA is at 5.80, the UPA is at 2.20. It almost looks like the election was not about them it was for the other big parties like YSRCP, TDP and OTH.

While looking at the vote share projections, the UPA was found to have seen a drop from 2.8% in the 2014 elections, to 2.5%. The NDA found themselves in a bigger drop from 7.2% to 4.8%.

This being said, the actual battle is going to be witnessed between the YSRCP and the TDP who are neck to neck in numbers where YSRCP is seeing a glorious rise from 45.5% up to 49.5% and the TDP has seen a dip from 40.5% to 36%.

When it comes to seat projections, the YSRCP seems to be taking the lead with 22 out of the 25 allocated seats to AP, while the TDP gets 3. This is an election that is going to keep the third front very interested.

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