Nara Lokesh Faces Public Ire During Election Campaign

Nara Lokesh during his election campaign in Peddakodur - Sakshi Post

Duggirala (Mangalagiri): IT minister of Andhra Pradesh Nara Lokesh, who is currently participating in the election campaigns came under the scrutiny of the public who questioned him on various issues.

As a candidate for the TDP's Manglagiri constituency, Nara Lokesh visited Duggirala Mandal on Sunday as part of the election campaign. Locals of Peddakodur village probed Nara Lokesh on several issues. Farmers too joined in and expressed their intolerance after Lokesh said that the state is not reeling from electricity shortage. Stating that they were suffering from power shortage issues, a few farmers questioned Nara Lokesh as to where they have solved the electricity shortage. They shared that despite bringing the power shortage issue to the notice of several leaders, there has been no solution for it till now.

In other aspects, the bonus benefits for corn and loan waiver for Rythu Mithra Group have not been issued despite the announcement, hence the farmers informed him that they have sent notices to the Banks.

Assuring that he would solve their problems, the TDP Leader sought for their vote and send him to the Legislative Assembly. In the village of Veeralapam, the women of SC colony complained to Lokesh that the cheques issued under the Pasupu-Kumkuma scheme have not been cleared and the ones that have been cleared, were taken away by the bankers under the old arrears. In response, Nara Lokesh said that he would talk to the authorities in this regard and attempted to move away from them. He continued his campaign in villages of Pedakonduru, Godavarru, Veerlapalem, Peddapalem and Chinnapalem.

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