Nara Lokesh Faces Flak From DWCRA Women During Election Campaign

Andhra Pradesh IT  Minister Nara Lokesh during his Election campaign - Sakshi Post

Duggirala/Mangalagiri:Andhra Pradesh IT minster and Telugu Desam Party Leader Nara Lokesh who has embarked on his first assembly election campaign last Friday was seen leaving many places red-faced after facing the public in Mangalagiri.

On the third day of his campaign , he toured Duggirala, , Godravarru, Veerapalem, Pedapalem,Chinapalem mandals in Mangalagiri constituency. While addressing public in Pedakonduru village at Duggirala mandal he was interrupted by the local villagers who confronted him about their problems. When he said there was no electricity shortage in the state this irked the farmers who gave him a fact-check and told him that they faced electricity cuts. They turned the issue around asked him as to where in the state there was uninterrupted power supply. Despite sending repeated requests to the leaders there was no one to pay heed to their problems, they said.

Not stopping there, they questioned Nara Lokesh about the maize crop bonus which they were yet to receive till date. The farmers also confronted him about the Rythu Mithra loan waiver which the government promised. They told Lokesh that the women's self-help groups from the SC Colony in Veerlapalem village were receiving notices about the default payments . The farmers told him that they were unable to encash the cheques received and in some cases, the cheques were used for clearing old debts.

Unable to answer their questions, Nara Lokesh gave a feeble answer that he would speak to the officials concerned left the place in a hurry.

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