Loyalty With Pawan, Entry In TDP: What Is Kaushal Manda Upto?

Loyalty With Pawan, Entry In TDP: What Is Kaushal Manda Upto? - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss 2 winner Kaushal Manda is all set to make his political entry with the Telugu Desam party in the upcoming elections in AP. He even met Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu in Amaravati last week and announced his support to TDP. The actor further stated that he will declare his further political step shortly.

However, it comes as a surprise that Kaushal chose to support TDP, instead of Jana Sena particularly, when he has always spoken highly of Pawan Kalyan. Even during his stint in Bigg Boss, he received immense support from Pawan Kalyan fans.

In an interview with a TV Channel recently, the actor opened about the same and shared that while he is making his political entry with TDP, his loyalty will still remain with Pawan Kalyan.

Calling Pawan Kalyan his inspiration, Kaushal shared that after returning from the Bigg Boss house, he made several attempts to meet the Jana Sena leader, but things didn't materialize. The actor asserted that he will admire Pawan Kalyan till his last breath. However, on a professional level, Kaushal revealed that he would work towards the development of Andhra Pradesh under the TDP reign as he believes Chandrababu has the vision for it.

Kaushal's political entry in TDP has become a topic of debate in the state. TDP leaders are hoping to attract youth voters with Kaushal’s campaigning. It may be recalled that Pawan Kalyan campaigned for the TDP and BJP alliance in the 2014 elections which played a key role in the party's victory.

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