Amaravati: The Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by IG Stpehen Ravindra of Telangana Police constituted to probe the data breach case involving citizens of both Telugu states has unearthed vital clues, it is learned. The SIT tracked down the whereabouts of the prime accused, Ashok Dakavaram, director of IT Grids India Pvt Ltd. The probe officials have learnt that Ashok has been in touch with VVIPs in Andhra Pradesh over the past six months.

With the SIT team being able to track down signals from cellphone towers of various areas in AP, the data theft case is reported to have taken a critical turn. The investigation team suspects that attempts are being made to send Ashok Dakavaram away from India from evidence gathered in the case. Stephen Ravindra's team appears to have serious suspicions in the case with AP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu stating at a recent press conference that Ashok would surface very soon.

It emerged that immediately after the data breach case came into the open, IT Grids CEO Ashok Dakavaram did a vanishing act. Based on cellphone tower signals of his mobile phone, police officials concluded that he was in and around Hyderabad for the next two to three days. Police however trace his whereabouts.The police officials assumed that Ashok could have left his phone behind in Hyderabad knowing that he could be tracked down based on cell phone tower signals of his phone. The police later learnt that Ashok was using another phone. It is learnt that the police officials tried to trace Ashok's whereabouts based on a secret mobile which he has been since using.

As per reliable sources, Ashok is believed to have left Hyderabad within minutes after the data theft news broke. He then headed towards Vijayawada and his cellphone signals indicated that he was in the vicinity of Guntur.It is learned that he made calls to important officials and key politicians in the ruling party on his way to Guntur.

The SIT officials are probing the angle of Ashok's links with some senior politicians in the ruling party of Andhra Pradesh.

Ashok reportedly had frequent conversations with a minister in the AP government. It is learnt that the minister's cellphone tower signals too pointed to Madhapur. Ashok is also learned to have called a few IAS officials after his telecon with the minister. Police are trying to figure out Ashok's connection to these top ranking officials.

Signals from Ashok's Cellphone revealed that he had recently been to the Gannavaram airport leading to the suspicion that he might be trying to flee India.But when Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu stated that Ashok would emerge in two to three days, SIT officials came to the conclusion that the IT Grids India director was being sheltered by senior TDP politicians somewhere around Vijayawada and Mangalgiri. The SIT authorities suspect that at first, plans were drawn up to send Ashok abroad but may have been altered subsequently after fearing his arrest at the airport.

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