Data Theft Case: Chandrababu’s U-Turn Again

Chandrababu’s U TURN Again - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Type" U Turn Uncle" on Google Image search and the pictures of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu pop up. Now we have seen this with US President Donald Trump that when you type "Idiot", the pictures that it threw up were those of Donald Trump, and when you typed bar girl or Italian bar girl , Sonia Gandhi's pictures were displayed. In fact, some of the grilling the Google CEO, Sundar Pichai faced during a Congressional hearing in Washington DC, related to the logic behind the search results. The Google honcho hotly refuted suggestions that the results were tweaked in any way.

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The word U Turn Uncle has become synonymous with Chandrababu’s name after the number of U turns he has made in his 40 years political career.

Chandrababu Naidu recently has taken the same stance again in the recent data theft case involving lakhs of voters data, their personal details, UID numbers and other confidential data were handed over to a Hyderabad- based IT company called IT Grids to develop the TDP app, Seva Mitra.

When a complaint was first lodged by T Lokeshwar Reddy in Hyderabad about IT Grids India role in the theft of voters’ data , Chandrababu first dismissed the allegations and said that the data was safe.

The AP government officials also parroted the same to the media. He also went on a counter attack and questioned the validity of the case and investigation by the Telangana Police. His PR team were also quick to spring into action and started their own media propaganda about the case, claiming it to be a ploy by the Telangana government and YSR Congress party. Not stopping there they also filed petitions in the High Court claiming that the four IT Grids India employees were missing, a case of a person gone missing, was also filed at Peddakakani police station in Guntur about an IT Grid employee with the help of senior police officials.

If this was not enough he sent officials of the ACP cadre to Hyderabad, but once it was proved that the voters data was stolen, he immediately took a U turn and changed his course of action to control the damage.

He filed counter cases in Guntur and Telangana stating that the data was stolen. These actions have triggered discussions in social media and political circles about his U Turn before the case was filed and later when the investigations by the Special Investigation team were formed by the Telangana government to investigate the case. In a counter action he also directed officials to form another SIT in Andhra Pradesh to investigate into the case under the pretext of jurisdictional issues that the data belonged to the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Trying to portray the case as a bone of contention between the Telugu states and confusing the people is something which has not gone down well with people of the two Telugu states.

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