TDP’s Ploy In IT Grid Scam  

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Hyderabad: The IT Grids scam is getting murkier every day. On one side, the Telangana Police are looking at the company's director Ashok Dakavaram as the prime suspect in the case. On the other side, the Andhra Pradesh government and TDP leaders are blaming the Telangana government and Telangana police.

Nara Lokesh tweeted that the Telangana police are attacking the IT Grids Company, which maintains their Seva Mitra App. He questioned as to why the police come to the office on February 23 if the FIR was registered on March 2.

In connection to this case, a Telangana senior police officer came under the scrutiny of the TDP leaders on social media. They claimed that the officer was involved in corruption activities when he was posted at Kadapa. Heavily sharing these posts and tweets, the TDP leaders are attempting to tarnish the image of the Telangana police. It is noteworthy that a Minister raised this issue during the recent AP Cabinet meet.

Telangana police are closely examining the ongoing developments in the case and stated that the TDP leaders are attempting to hinder the investigation with their tactics.

The Cyberabad Police admitted that they visited the IT Grids company in the Ayyappa Society on February 23 to verify the complaint received. Based on the complaint, they went to verify whether a company called IT Grids exists in the given address and inquired Ashok Dakavaram along with his other colleagues. The Cyberabad police informed them regarding the complaint further directing them to make an appearance at the police station on February 25.

However, Ashok Dakavaram instead of visiting the police station, fled to Andhra Pradesh along with the hard disks, once he received the complaint against Seva Mitra app. Later, he made changes in the software and re-uploaded it to Seva Mitra App.

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