TDP Data Breach Is Brazen Subversion Of Democracy: GVL  

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New Delhi: National General Secretary of BJP and party spokesman, GVL Narasimha Rao, hit out at Andhra Pradesh chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu for compromising with personal information of citizens of Andhra Pradesh. GVL criticised the Andhra Pradesh chief minister for misusing the delivery of welfare schemes all along. Now voters' names were being deleted after the TDP realised that they could not be persuaded to vote for the ruling party.

GVL wondered why Chandrababu was gripped with fear. The key question was–how did a private firm come to possess personal data of AP citizens, including their Aadhaar card numbers, Voter ID, Bank account details, among other things? How is your party using this information?, the BJP leader asked Chandrababu.

This brazen data theft to try to help TDP win, was murder of democracy, he said. It was a larger conspiracy which had to be fought by all, he added. Chandrababu is trying to deflect attention saying it is an AP vs Telangana issue, he said, and wondered if there was any logic in this argument.

The BJP spokesman lashed out at Chandrababu saying he was tall claims about his contribution to AP and IT sector because he is basically driven by fear. When a Hyderabad-based company resorts to data theft with respect to personal information of citizens of AP, instead of commending the action of the Telangana police, Chandrababu Naidu is criticising them. The Andhra Pradesh chief minister is applying strange logic, he said.

GVL called on the Election Commission to take a serious view of this attempt to subvert the democratic process. It should not remain a silent spectator, but should play a more active role to ensure a fair polling process. He added that the data mining scam involved credibility of all democratic institutions which were now imperilled. The AP government passed on sensitive information relating to the citizens of AP, to a private entity.

Caught in the scam, Chandrababu cannot now turn the tables on those who are accusing him and Nara Lokesh of being responsible for this serious data breach. GVL added that people should be vigilant and all citizens should check their votes.
The BJP leader said that Election Schedule is likely to be announced soon and all matters will come under the direct purview of EC. He added, "we will wait and watch for the next two days."

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