Data Breach Case: Who Is AP Police Trying To Protect?

TRS Working President K T Rama Rao - Sakshi Post

Guntur: The Andhra Pradesh police in a blatant case of wrongful obstruction of investigation procedures by the Telangana police have irked the citizens of both the Telugu states. Not only this, many questions that have cropped up.

When the Telanagana Police raided the IT Grids company in Madhapur , why did the Andhra Pradesh Government senior officials react to this?

Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Working President K T Rama Rao also took to Twitter and questioned the AP government stance on the data breach .He also stated that as per official reports there was evidence that data of more than 3.5 Crore citizens was compromised without their consent.

Check out his Tweet

KTR’s Tweet

There have been several instances where the citizens have expressed their dissent in the way the AP police were handling cases and have approached the Telangana police for help. This has been the case since the TDP government came to power in 2014.

When the IT Grids India data breach scam came to light, the company head Ashok Dakavarapu had informed the Guntur Urban SI Vijaya Rao through a Whatsapp message, that Regonda Bhaskar, a senior data analyst working in company was missing after leaving his home in IJM apartments in Peddakakani . He allegedly lodged a complaint in Peddakakani in a bid to prevent him from being arrested as he had vital information and tried to save him from being arrested.

With a view to ostensibly probe this case, a police team from AP headed by a DSP level police official landed in Hyderabad and reached the IT Grids India Pvt. Ltd firm in Madhapur. It seemed that it was a clear case of enacting a ''missing drama'' scripted by the AP police to protect the employees of the company in question.

When the Telangana police had clearly stated that the Bhaskar was in their custody, AP Police questioned Bhaskar's family as to what did the Telangana Police asked him and the family. They also resorted to forcibly intruding into the whistle-blower Lokesh Reddy's house and allegedly threatened him using foul language.

Meanwhile IT Grids India Pvt. Ltd CEO, Ashok Dakavaram ( reportedly a UK citizen ) is missing and the Telangana police have appointed four search team to locate him.

The Election Commission is learnt to have taken up the matter seriously and the Guntur Urban Police officials are on tenterhooks about the whole episode.

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